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Mar 20, 2013 6:00pm EDT
and teach you. so call me at 1-800-743-cnbc. i got two of them here. you've got the good economy. tremendous housing numbers, miraculous retail sales, terrific oil and gas markets. you have the bad economy. weakening commodity prices. slow commercial real estate business. really bad world commerce outlook. real soft information technology sales. you mix them all up together and you get the absolute perfect environment for the fed reserve to stay stock market friendly. that's what happened today. ben bernanke allowed the averages to power higher. the s&p rising today, nasdaq jumping 7.8%. it's not sleight of hand or alchemy at work here, despite what critics say when they constantly slam the fed. >> boo! >> bernanke is not playing a game of move the stock market higher by simply continuing to keep the competition in bonds incredibly weak. he's got a real good reason for doing what he's doing which is staying the course, keeping rates low. that reason? 1937. see, ben bernanke is a rigorous guy. he's a professor. and a genuine scholar of american financial history. it's what he does
Mar 13, 2013 6:00pm EDT
record to be tying and oh, my, were things different and so much better in the economy then. the economy, i remember it well. jobs were plentiful, easy to get. we had people hiring in everything from technology to finance, manufacturing, housing, retail was smoking. 1996 we were at the cusp of the technological revolution where the internet was just beginning take hold of the consciousness. i was running my hedge fund back then and at the same time starting the which remains an important focus for me now. i started the street because i envisioned the world where your personal computer married to a phone line could get instant information about stocks that you cared about upon. not just the ones that the day-old newspapers cared and or even the television. the era where people would be able to buy or sell a stock with the key stroke using a personal computer with very low commission rates was just getting under way. what a remarkable time that was. the last time we were up so many day, okay? for the dow, that time. when you had a brand new penny in power pc with microsoft windo
Mar 18, 2013 4:00am EDT
as many as 1.2 million homes. make no mistake housing and -- two big drivers of this economy and i think we'll be pleasantly surprised when we get this housing starts number. of course, the fed bull from hell crowd will ratchet up their bets. that lightning will strike on wednesday if they see a strong number. and i think they will be, unfortunately, unpleasantly surprised when they see it because nobody in that crowd wants to see any good. i actually like things that are good. old fashioned. housing's so strong that it's lifting all boats including brunswick by the way and the housewares. so let's listen to william sonoma conference call on their earnings on tuesday to be sure the carryover's intact. now, i'm thinking this may be long in our ever expanding great index or maybe it's the greater gatsby index. i once bought a pot for like $200. it was a big, round cast iron, red thing and then i saw it at the jersey shore outlet for almost half the price. and i am still kicking myself. eighth anniversary, nothing's changed. now, we use a ton of gauges to measure things like retail sa
Mar 18, 2013 6:00pm EDT
see the strength in the economy and i see the stocks of the companies that benefit from high are rates benefit than the ones getting hurt, then the fed's got to see it, too, right? i think we've come a long way when the fed was clueless and ben bernanke knew nothing. here's the bottom line. the charts say higher rates are coming and they're coming faster than we realize because of a rising economy. that's not going to be slowed by cyprus in particular or europe or even china. that means you have to sell the consumer packaged goods and wait for the packaged to buy the insurers like the metlife. sure, the charts can be wrong, but not every single one of them. stay with cramer. >>> coming up, game time. cramer's got a new take on an old favorite family pass time. all this week, he's taking a look at companies with a stranglehold on their industries that may give their stocks a boost. tonight jim's checking out the friendly sky to see if it's time to take off. >>> believe it or not, you want to educate yourself about business you can learn a heck of a lot from monopoly, the fabulous
Mar 14, 2013 6:00pm EDT
economy does get better, companies will do better and stocks can do better. but bonds, they will almost always do worse. always. i can't think of a single situation where you could own bonds right now, regardless of your age or risk profile. owning a dangerous long-term bond, with that budget deficit we have, come on. i have -- you buy that stuff at 130 versus 100, and first okay, johnson & johnson, common stock with good dividend, and it makes no sense to me, bernanke bashers tell people to sell their bonds. get everyone to sell long-term bond funds, but unless they wise up, these bears will be the enemy of your personal wealth. they have kept you from taking that opportunity and they have no humility and no remorse. nothing. no gain at all. they simply don't think this rally counts. they don't think it matters. and that you couldn't have made any money, and they think that these gains are ill gotten. here is my bottom line. ill gotten gains are gains that are stolen exappropriated or booted. these stock markets gains are totally legitimate, accepted at the bank and at fine reta
Mar 21, 2013 6:00pm EDT
since saying the budget sequester will produce very big lay-offs and a weakened economy. he's got radio silent. we know next week that will be the week when the president will most likely use his podium to talk about how horrible sequestration will be because it kicks in at the end of the month. perhaps the excellent jobless numbers we got this morning will be the last good one if it's as bad as obama scares us into thinking it is. local and state governments are cutting back. that's not positive. finally, there is this misquarter evidence. federal express did blow up. it's not a good number. caterpillar is down 12%, retail sales number might not translate into weak earnings. i was prepared for cat sales to be flat, maybe up a little, not down double digits. then oracle. while oracle almost always bounces back, making my chartible stock to want to buy more, i have to believe the m e macroenvironment has gotten worse than we thought. oracle is not that bad a company. you i don't want to get too negative either what could be right? while i don't expect a grand bargain in washington,
Mar 12, 2013 11:00pm EDT
in saying that i actually like the economy here and have liked it ever since the fiscal cliff was resolved. sure we got some hiccups. mastercard saying they have degradation. we recognize that china has got its head handed to it of late and the united kingdom is now joining italy, france, greece, spain, and taking another step down. geez, it's ugly out there. >> the house of pain! >> i can scream every time someone asks about when the fed is going to take the punch bowl away. i wish that analogy had never been coined. but i have to now doubt -- i've got to doubt, there's no doubt, there's no doubt that there will be a tough moment for this market when ben bernanke changes his stance, even if the economy is humming. i just don't know what level that top will come from. maybe it comes from dow, i don't know, like 16,000, or what the rest of the employment picture will look like. because we do know the federal government is pulling back from job creation fast and furious. oh, by the way, i don't like that north korea just undid the hard fought armistice with south korea or that the n
Mar 19, 2013 11:00pm EDT
united states' economy -- housing is uniquely american. a lot of building products go into homes made right here. think about all the people who touch a home and away from its permit to its sale, builders, laborers, people who make piping, windows, doors, stoves, air conditioning, sinks, toilets, showers, baths, and, of course, electric and plumbing. then there's all the white collar jobs, the banks, sales, lawyers, they all get paid. and the retailers who need to make the place great. to me we will look back on this moment and recognize that while the horrendous rules imposed on the cypriots certainly damaged confidence in europe and the euro once again, what actually might have mattered in america is that the housing boom was picking up steam at the same time. i know, stupid. brilliant! so what am i asking for here? i'm trying not to be too positive or negative. but i'm definitely playing the skeptic. i worry about what i know and even worry about what i don't know. but most important, i want to emphasize what could drive the market either way. and the bottom line is, i think that c
Search Results 0 to 20 of about 21 (some duplicates have been removed)